IV.Products and Service

Chimhyanghun is currently the world's No.1 provider of A.A.R. (agarwood) and A.A.R related products. Our company has a complete line of A.A.R. products.

All agarwoods provided by our company are the highest quality Vietnamese Aquilaria agallocha Roxb. (A.A.R.) We provide A.A.R. in the form of chips, pieces, natural carvings, and powder.

You are welcomed to visit our offices located in Seoul, Korea. You will be able to see all of the grades of A.A.R. Our A.A.R. experts will be happy to provide you with an in-depth introduction of our products. If you have any further questions of our line of available products, please contact us.


Kanam : Superior Grade, Special Grade, Level 1
A.A.R. : Superior Grade, Special Grade, Level 1, Entry Grade

(1) A.A.R.

We divided A.A.R. into four different grades. Grades above and including level 1 sink into water. The highest grade, Superior grade, contains oleoresin more than 60%. Higher grades have better medical potency as well as fragrance when burned.

All A.A.R. are also provided in all of its natural forms. This means that we only cut out the wood portion and sorting according to its size and characteristics- Chips, larger pieces, natural carvings, and powder. All of which can be used for medicinal purposes. Pictures of A.A.R. natural carving are available in Pictures page. Please be aware of the products that you are buying. There is only one original! Do not be fooled by the competition.

(2) Kanam

The most precious kind of A.A.R. is called Kanam in Korean, Qie-Nan-Xiang in Chinese, and Kanankoh in Japanese. It has been highly valued for its amazing medical potency and elegant odor. The major difference between Kanam and common A.A.R. is that Kanams oleoresin is "glutinous", while A.A.R.s is hard and solid. Therefore, only the A.A.R whose small shreds can be pinched and rolled into a ball can be recognized as Kanam.

Because of scarce in nature, its amazing medical potency and better fragrance, Kanam has regarded as the extremely precious from ancient Chinese medical and botanic books. Therefore, Kanam usually has separate grading system to distinguish itself from common A.A.R.

(3) Agarwood Incense

Our company also produces the highest grade among incenses- Agarwood Incense. Agarwood Incense is a kind of "Agarwood single recipe" incense that is composed by A.A.R. (70%) and flavorless natural wood powder that provide glutinous nature to incense (30%). It does not contain any artificial fragrance or ingredients in it.

Agarwood Incense is the only one of its kind to be produced with high quality A.A.R. For more detail information about Agarwood Incense, please refer to Incense page.



We have expert staffs that's qualified to provide authenticating a grading services. We carry a complete selection of all of authentic A.A.R, as well as the counterfeits. Come in and compare for yourselves. There will be a service charge for the appraisal of your A.A.R., which is based on the quantity and characteristics of your particular product. Private individuals, as well as company are also welcome.


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