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Company Name Chimhyanghun
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Chimhyanghun( has been specialized in precious raw medicine materials for more than a decade. Among those precious medicinal materials, we're proud to present the world's most complete selection of Vietnamese agarwoods and agarwood related products. 

Our company provides the highest quality Vietnamese Aquilaria agallocha Roxb.(A.A.R. botanic name of agarwood) in the form of chips, pieces, natural carvings, and powder. A.A.R. has been regarded as the highest quality among Aquilarias and it is the one of the two kinds of Aquilarias that could be used as medicine. 

Our company also provide Agarwood Incense is purely made by natural ingredients. Agarwoods used in those two incenses are "real" and composed 70% of incense materials being used, so Agarwood Incense is the very few incenses that could be burned indoor without headache or dizzying. Chimhyanghun has established the new standard for high quality incense. 

If you have any questions regarding to agarwoods and its related products, please feel free to contact us. The service of authentication of agarwood is also provided. 

Our Products

Agarwood (Splinters, blocks, and powder are Available.)

Product Grade
Kanam 3 Grades available


Level 1
Level 2
Entry Level


Agarwood Incense

Product Product Content


Long Incense 5000 Units
Long Incense 105 Units
Long Incense   50 Units
Long Incense   25 Units

Note : (1) Long incense with 5000 units package is for commercial uses. Buyers can resell the incense with new packaging. (2) The price for "commercial sample" is the same as retail price listed above. Delivery and banking fees will be charged.

Purchase Method

1. Products can be ordered through e-mail or fax or visit our company in Seoul.

2. Please inform us the product you wish to purchase and the quantity and delivering method you prefer.

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