II. Aquilaria agallocha Roxb. in China

In ancient China, the wealthy chooses A.A.R. to make their coffins. According to San Guo Yan Yi (a historic novel describing Three kingdoms period after Han Dynasty), after Gwan Yu, the best general at that time, was decapitated by his rival and was sent to Tsao Chao, Tsao Chao, for his admiration of Guan Yu, ordered to make the remaining body of Guan Yu by agarwoods. (Chapter 77)

In another chapter, in order to convey the greatest honor and apology to Zheng Fei's death, Sun Quan put Zheng Fei's head (also being decapitated ) in a agarwood box made and sent it to Liu Bei. (Chapter 83)

In Buddhism, the most precious Buddhist string of beads is made

by agarwoods and the standard bead string contains 108 beads. One story tells a monk's sacrificing spirit. He carried his bead string and traveled around the country. Whenever he saw the ill, he would take out a bead and give it to the ill. After grinding and taking the agarwood bead, most seriously ill recovered. The monk's wish was to give away all his beads before he died.

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